Say goodbye to pregnancy woes with aromatherapy and Soulflower !

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essential oils beneficial during pregnancy

Pregnancy is quite a complicated phase of a woman’s life. Stress, physical and emotional changes, mood swings – a woman has to deal with thousands of issues. Proper care is absolutely important to ensure a safe pre and post-delivery. Positive and motivational talking can help the woman to a great extent. She will be much happier and more energetic. And, who doesn’t want a happier to-be-mommy ????

Dealing with a to-be-mom may not be as difficult as rocket science but, nor that easy ! You have to be a constant support. Actually, not have to be….but, should be. Tolerating her tantrums, sudden food cravings, and what about midnight craving for an ice-cream ??? Innumerable sleepless nights, mood swings, complaints .. Yes ! You actually need to be strong, supportive and tremendously understanding ! To help you with this, let us provide you with some tips. 

You must have heard about aromatherapy ?? Yes, it has been found to be really really helpful during this turbulent period called pregnancy. The various available aromas, if used responsibly can actually ease out cramps, pain and help you lead a stress free period. Essential oils used in aromatherapy not only are known for their distinctive smell, but, also hold therapeutic properties. But, using essential oils on your skin during pregnancy is not recommendable as, they are highly concentrated. You can though, by diluting with few drops of any carrier oil.

Soulflower Orange Essential Oil : 
Soulflower Bergamot Essential Oil : 
Soulflower Peppermint Essential Oil :

Soulflower Lavender Essential Oil:
Soulflower Lavender Aroma Candle:

Soulflower Baby Diffuser :

Well, there are other ways too ! You can diffuse essential oils or, try using them in a compress.

How to use essential oils in diffuser ??

-          -  Highly recommended is Soulflower Lavender Essential Oil, whose soothing and pleasant fragrance helps to ease anxiety and let you stay calm. While, Soulflower Orange Essential Oil will help to refresh and uplift your mood. If you are feeling nauseous all the time, the Soulflower Peppermint Essential Oil is the answer.

-          - Depending on your situation, diffuse the essential oils.

-          - Pour water on the top of any Soulflower Diffuser and pour few drops of the required essential oil. 3-4 drops would be enough.

-          - Light a candle beneath. That’s all.

Inhaling the aroma that is being diffused, it transferred around your body via the bloodstream. In this way, the aroma starts working effectively with your internal system. Similarly, try using these essential oils in a compress.

How ?

-          - Make a compress by adding 4-5 drops of the required essential oil into lukewarm water and apply it on the affected area. For eg: Pour few drops of Soulflower Bergamot Essential Oil if you are suffering from stomach cramps.

Regular massage with Lavender Essential Oil will help one to cope with labour pain. But, it is advisable to visit a doctor before application. 


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