Simple Way to Make Your Own Reed Diffuser !

The world is turning simpler. Finding time is a big issue taking into consideration a lot of things like work, family, friends and other responsibilities. We can understand from this small truth from our style of work. Juggling with given tasks, new ideas, events, meetings, photo shoots and so much more. Where is the time ???? Yeah. So, it's quite obvious that we do understand your time constraint and design our products in a way for you to use them easily. The most important thing. Simple and easy use. A lot of thought is given from our end as in how we can make our products customer friendly. If you have been following our Instagram, you would know. Easy to use solutions and instructions for you have taken the top place in our priority list as of now.

Just like knowing about the usage of our essential or carrier oils, you can aromatise your space with our elegant looking Reed Diffuser too ? These diffusers are particularly beneficial for taking in the valuable aromas of essential oils to your space. And, as it is that people are showing interest towards DIY designs and crafts, we thought it's a good time to educate you about the various nuances of aromatherapy.

DIY Reed Diffuser

Here's what you need :

- Soulflower Grapeseed Coldpressed Carrier Oil

- Soulflower Lavender Essential Oil & Soulflower Patchouli Essential Oil ( for relaxation )

- Soulflower Cinnamon Essential Oil ( warm & comforting )

- Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil & Soulflower Orange Essential Oil ( refreshing )

- Soulflower Reed Diffuser

2/4 cups of Soulflower Grapeseed Carrier Oil

for relaxing, take 30 drops of Soulflower Lavender Essential Oil & 
10 drops of Soulflower Patchouli Essential Oil and mix with Grapeseed Oil.

for comforting, blend 20 drops of Soulflower Cinnamon Essential Oil
with Grapeseed Carrier Oil

for refreshing, take 20 drops of Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil &
20 drops of Soulflower Orange Essential Oil

blend just like this

soak the end of the reed into the ceramic as shown in the picture

How To Use ??

- Blend 2/4 cup of Soulflower Grapeseed Carrier Oil with any of the three choices depending on your mood.

- Mix them well. ( take a look at the pictures for the proportions )

- Then, simply soak the rose shaped reed in the ceramic and keep it in the desired corner of your house or office.

- And when the aroma fades, clear the contents from the ceramic and make a new blend again.

Its. That. Simple.


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