Control Premature Balding In The 20's !

Recently, we have receiving a lot of mails from our male customers. This obviously shows the growing concern about beauty among this population. A good thing actually ! Men are now more conscious regarding their looks and even spend a generous amount of time in front of the mirror ! Gone are the days, when girlfriends had to nag her guy for getting a haircut done or just put on a proper outfit.

But, the growing concern is not only about just getting decked up. It's quite far from that. 20's is a time when guys or say people in general are more conscious and wish to look their best. That's kind of a requirement, professionally as well as personally. So, what if you find a growing bald patch in your scalp all of a sudden ?? It's just scary ! Recent research and studies are showing that trichologists throughout the country are earning big bucks - all thanks to you poor guys. Balding, which had been an issue amongst the 40's age group has now entered through a new door. Premature balding is a growing concern, mainly within the IT and marketing professionals or the ones struggling with the stress of a 9-5 job. Yes, the devil here is ' stress '

Basically, hair loss is a reaction to the extreme physical or mental stress one goes through. There's no doubt that professionals today just don't work, but, they slog. While, it's quite normal to lose around 80-100 strands of hair everyday, doesn't mean that you are turning bald. Premature balding initially starts with hair thinning and gradually losing chunks of hair. Genes may a lot to say but, that's not the only reason behind such early loss of hair. There are hundreds of things to blame, but, rather we talk about solutions. Soulflower as always offers solutions !

With limited time and stressful conditions, it's almost impossible for anyone to even take a good look at oneself in the mirror. So, why not opt for easy but, useful remedies ??

Soulflower Solution to control premature balding !

Tea Tree has been traditionally used as a scalp tonic. With it's antiseptic and antibacterial properties, this medicinal herb works best for all your scalp and skin related issues.

How To Use ??

- Take 3-4 drops of Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil and blend that with 8-10 drops of Soulflower Coldpressed Jojoba Carrier Oil and apply it on your scalp every night before going to sleep. As the solution will stay for a longer time in your scalp, it will ensure better results. Everyday application is must.

- You can also premix in a separate bottle blending in the appropriate measurements.

apply in the night for best results 

you can also premix in a separate bottle for easy use

As for the mornings, you can either use Soulflower Coldpressed Argan Carrier Oil or Bhringraj Oil after your bath. Argan is a light oil while Bhringraj is a cooling oil.

How To Use ?

- Apply 10-12 drops of either Argan or Bhringraj on your scalp after bath. Massage well and let the oil spread evenly on your hair.

Bhringraj cools down your scalp while Argan is the perfect hair solution


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