Roll On, Peace On !

Okay. So, this post is not strictly just for girls, but, for everyone ! Everyone out there ! Are you hearing ??? You need to educate yourself, know more and also come up with solutions.

Woman today = Superpower ! She can cook, she can work, she can take care of her kids and what not ! In short, she can multi task with much grace and perfection. Talk about work-family balance and she will show you how to do it. But, even women have their bad days both emotionally as well physically.

Take for eg: you are carrying on with your everyday work and suddenly you start feeling weird accompanied with that oh-no-again-that kind of experience. It's highly frustrating ! Mood swings are a common symptom of PMS. Well, there are several factors as to why it happens. Let's take a look at some of the most typical ones :

Stress for one is a huuuuuge reason behind low mood along with hormonal changes. Research has also shown that women in their late 30's experience quite a difficult time tackling their ever changing moods.

Diet & Exercise Ah ! Here's the devil again ! Our lifestyle has a direct influence on our mood. Did you know that ? What you eat. Whether you exercise regularly. Etc. and etc. A properly functioning digestive system helps a lot during this traumatic phase of the month.

Now, enough with problems ! Let's talk about solutions. At Soulflower, when we think of launching any new product, a lot of brain work goes behind it. First and foremost, we think about the nature of the problem to which we will be providing a solution. Secondly, the perfect concoction of ingredients which comes together to make that one product. And, then goes on the design, naming etc. Our nicely thought remedies are not only restricted to just hair and skin care. Your complete health is as important to us along with the others. So, we have this perfect solution for PMS ! How can you arm yourself against this frustrating and unavoidable circumstance every time ?

The magical touch of Soulflower Aromatherapy PMS Relief Roll On

Lovely Lavender, Antiseptic Clary Sage & Refreshing Grapefruit


Our Soulflower Aromatherapy PMS Relief Roll On just works magic with the much needed blend of the soothing lavender, antispasmodic clary sage and refreshing grapefruit. These wonderful herbs work together to relieve you off mood swings, hot flashes and cramps - in short, the devils causing PMS.

How To Use ??

All Soulflower Roll On's are Easy To Use & Easy To Carry ! Just roll over your pulse points. You can also inhale for the aroma to work better on your nerves.

So, JUST ROLL ON AND PEACE ON with Soulflower Aromatherapy PMS Relief Roll On.


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