Food For Your Skin ? Or ? Food For Your Tummy ?

Monday's have always been a huge deal for well .. everyone ! Sunday hangover, planning for the whole week .. a lot to take in actually. The one who works, knows how terrible a Monday can be. But, well, work is work and there should be no excuses. Sigghhh !!!! Poor us ! Just like solutions for every other thing, people have hunted down n number of escapades from a boring Monday morning. The best of all is a cup of brewing hot coffee. Actually, cups of coffee to be precise. Just today, while trying to push ourselves into the routine land, a cup of coffee saved our lives. We were in our usual designing spree, when that shot of caffeine provided us with all new ideas. As you all must know, how we put in our regular foods and yield a beautiful bar of soap or essential oils or carrier oils.

Time For Coffee Break :)

But, just that thought. Isn't it beautiful that what we consume is what we even use to care for our skin ?? Who even thought that coffee as an ingredient could not only energize your day but also, moisturise your skin ? An amazing concoction can be made out of addictive coffee and yummilicious chocolates ? Today's post is not just about our soap or any products but, just the sheer joy of how everyday stuff can be transformed into something extraordinary. It's about how just a cup of coffee can help you to discover such a beautiful truth that one should be beautiful to the core. Inside and out. That's how we work. That's how we come up with the newest of ideas, from the smallest of everyday stuff going on here. This shows that, what we want is already around us. We just need to look a bit more, search deep within.

Soulflower Wake Me & Smell The Coffee Chocolate Soap is again a live example of how just a morning coffee break culminated into the idea for designing an amazing bar of soap. Deliciously smelling, this soap is a blend of coffee beans and dark chocolate. Reminds of dimly lit restaurants, warm aroma of freshly baked cookies and hot chocolate pouring over a lovely scoop of ice-cream !! As always, let photographs do some justice. :)

of processes and all ..

all that goes in the soap


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