Sneak Peek & Lots More !

The coming months are just going to be awesome ! Did you know that ?? We have got so much to do, so much to give you .. surprises and loads of new stuff. Now, every new day in Soulflower is filled with fresh ideas and the brainstorming exercise behind the same to execute. The whole environment is electrifying and full of energy ! There's no doubt that every moment here, a new design is born and cultivated. This is the season of festivals. So, a whole lot of fresh stuff is going on. Celebrations are a big hit in Soulflower. A lot of passion filled days, change and re-change of ideas and so on.

Recently, we have been re-doing our interiors ! All special for Navratri and Diwali. The two biggies ! Yes ! We got our hands all filled with loads of paint and colours and created a whole display .. just for all our beloved customers who have already started pouring in our office for specialized orders. And guess what ?? They absolutely loved all of it ! And, that's not it. There's more coming up. So, keep on checking out this space for more. Also, do check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest updates on Soulflower. :)


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