Summer tips from SoulflowerGirl

SoulflowerGirl is enjoying .. like, seriously enjoying this summer.

I know, you wonder .. HOOOWWW ??

Well, she has been found relaxing on a faraway beach, sipping lemonade and getting tanned.

Oh yes .. the sun rays are actually good for your skin.

the beach is always the place to be ..

Wanna know, what SoulflowerGirl's take on this ???

" Well, sun rays actually improve my mood to a great extent. I make it a point to expose my skin to the sun rays, everyday, for at least 25 minutes. Sun rays kill microbes and a moderately tanned skin can prevent skin diseases too.

I also exercise. A lot in fact. I allow myself to sweat as it draws out all the toxins and impurities from my body. Sweating actually cleanses my whole system and allows me to work in a more effective way. Working out also helps me to combat insomnia allowing me to enjoy a good night's sleep. Important thing is to take a good shower with Soulflower Tea Tree Soap after my daily workout. It's antiseptic and antibacterial properties works well for fighting off bacteria causing acne. And, the minty smell helps to emit a refreshing fragrance from my body.

Soulflower Tea Tree Soap

Soulflower Ocean Minerals - Ocean Blue Bath Salt

Special care should be taken of our feet which tend to get tired from the workout as well as working the whole day.

Soulflower Ocean Blue Bath Salt is the best solution for this. With refreshing ingredients like kiwi and lemon, it's a must have in this season. Kiwi boosts immunity and seals in moisture and lemon kills bad odour. And, it's very simple to use.

- Just add a capful of this bath salt in warm water and dip your hands and feet into it. Sit back and relax. "

Well, we couldn't manage a nice long chat with her, as she is supposed to be heading home to meet her mom today. Surprise gift for Mothers Day, you know ???

we managed to get a snapshot of SoulflowerGirl on her way back home and
she's all set to surprise her mom !!!!

But, hopefully her tips will prove useful to you. That's it for today. And make sure to make your mom happy tomorrow !!!


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