Hey ! Summer , can we be friends ??

For today and lifelong ?? Can we be ??

You are lovely and lively and exude so much positivity.

The days are long and bright.

And, there's so much of light !

You are everything, we want,

The sun, up high in the sky,

Smiling at us with all it's might,

Okay ! End of the poem. 

Was just trying to be friendly with Summer. And, why not ?? The longest days you would find are the days of this season. And, it's obviously a plus point - having longer days, I mean.

Summer is a season which has it's share of positive as well as negative points. The extreme heat, excessive sweat, tanned skin - as we mentioned before.

But, what's positive then ?? Well, there are loads.

- The sun's rays are actually good for your skin. Balanced exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays has a therapeutic effect on your skin complaints such as acne and psoriasis.

- We consume more water during this season which is quite good for our skin, hair and our whole body.

- Early morning exposure to the sun's rays can help those suffering from sleep disorders.

- Annnd, you can flaunt the n number of goggles you have, plus wear the coolest clothes and relax on a beach sipping lime soda.

- Yes, intake of lemon increases twofold in summer which is again good for your skin and hair.

So, let's be friends with Summer and squeeze out the best from it. Always !!!

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