Happiness is to ... SMELL GOOD

All the time !

But, how is it possible in this summer ? It's hot. Humid. And, that sticky feeling is an absolute all time disaster.

Summer is a time with which we share a love-hate relationship. We need it for all the good reasons and not need it at the same time. For all those horrible reasons. Similar to what I have been talking about in the earlier posts that - We. Need. To. Make. Friends. With. Summer. A little care and our summer can always be a better one. Well better sounds mediocre. Let's talk about Being Best !

To feel the best, firstly, you need to smell good. Quite important. And, that's quite an usual issue in this season.

Soulflower has paved a beautiful and quite perfect way for you to smell the best this summer.

Take a look. 

 Soulflower Smell Good Set :

the heady aroma of rose and the alluring aroma of jasmine

the refreshing aroma of lemongrass and the strong one of lavender

Now, you must be wondering, when to use them ? The four soaps in this set are all well known due to their beautiful fragrance they emit besides being good for your skin.

So, here is how to use them :

- You can use them according to your mood. The aroma of lavender and rose is quite strong while jasmine has a mild one. Lemongrass has this citrusy aroma which is quite refreshing.

- The best way to use is to apply Everyskin Lavender or Rose Soap in the morning before heading to work. Both have a strong fragrance and will linger on to your skin the whole day.

- As for the Lemongrass and Jasmine Soap, use it before going to sleep at night. Use it alternatively.

- You can also use Everyskin Lavender in the night on some days. Lavender has the reputation of combating insomnia. So, if you are losing out on your night's sleep, go for Everyskin Lavender ! It helps !

And, remember to cut the soaps into half before using them. And, keep the other half aside. In this way, you can make your soap last longer.



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