Remember ?????

Those distinct sounds of the toys,

Building a home for your dolls,

Paper boats on the puddle,

Your own kiddie kitchen set,

Coloured candies and lollypops,


The hand which took you wherever it went ??

Mom and my bond is so strong!!

This bond will grow and never falter,

Momie's love for me will never alter!!

How would you feel to relive those moments all over again ?? Going back to those moments ?? Don't you think .. most of us loves to latch on to those memories.

This week Soulflower is on a nostalgia spree and reframing those moments we can somehow connect with our childhood.

We also have some gift sets designed for Mother's Day. Surprise the most special person for whom you are able to enjoy such a beautiful life. Make HER life beautiful !!

Soulflower Mother Beauty Set

Soulflower Mother Care Set

Soulflower Mother Foot Spa Kit

Soulflower Mother Rose Set

And, you can take a look at this link for more products on Mother's Day :


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