Soulflower aroma stories

We are in love with you and you .. with us ! And, we constantly keep on looking out for different ways to be a part of those special moments in your life. Basically, we want you to smell Soulflower with every breath you take.

Therefore, we again came up with an aromatic way to tag along with you on those special occasions !!


Ohhh ! Indian weddings are a complete bliss ! Colours, music, outfits and food ! One can never deny the fact that the most gorgeous weddings happen only in India. And, perfumes have always been an important part of not only weddings, but, almost all Indian occasions.

Thinking of that, we have designed some special perfume bottles to go with our gift sets. You can personally order them with any Soulflower Gift Sets of your choice and it will get sent to you.

Take a look. These bottles will surely give you that floral, wedding feeling.

smell like love

there should be just one perfect word for perfume

" Bliss "

smelling good is a necessity

****Available only on our corporate gifting website :


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