Spread Aroma This Festive Season !

So, today is the 8th day of Navratri. Farewells have never been a great affair. But, still .. there's a day
more to go. Every year, the immersion of Durga idol sparks a whole lot of emotions in the surroundings. For some it's Navratri, while for some it's Durga Puja. But, it's one and the same. Here at Soulflower, we have been continuously celebrating the nine colours of Navratri. As, I told .. the streets of Mumbai have turned into a visual treat with such colour co-ordinated crowd around. Today's colour is pink. Fruity and luscious.

Just for today. Take a look. And, also, we had some fun creating a cute sketch of Durga Maa. 
Well, she is happily spreading Soulflower aroma everywhere. Such a delight, isn't it ?

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The Goddess spreading Soulflower aroma

fruity, luscious pink


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