Look The Best, This Navratri With Soulflower Skin Solution

Glowing skin is a must ! And when it’s Navratri, it eventually turns into a necessity. After all, who doesn’t wish to look their best ?? Now with such less time, there’s already a rush seen in all the beauty stores. Girls .. oh well .. boys too have been located wandering around in all the beauty departments, collecting and scrutinizing this and that for their skin and hair. The best fit, as they say ! All needs to be perfect these 10 days ! isn’t it ?? As always, what we suggest is GO NATURAL !

-        Moisturize your skin regularly. If possible, twice a day. Morning and night. Use Avocado or Jojoba Carrier Oil alternatively. Both helps your skin to retain the needed moisture and impart that glow.

-        Use a good body scrub like a mixture of boiled oatmeal and honey. Apply it on your skin and keep for 20-25 minutes. After that, take a warm water bath with Soulflower Light Me Up Soap. Natural skin foods like turmeric, sandalwood and lemon reduces existing pigmentation, suntan, skin inflammations and gives you a healthier skin.

-        Right after bath, apply Soulflower Jasmine Aroma Massage Oil to your skin. Along with relaxing, this massage oil helps to deodorize and tone your skin. 

Switch On & Light Up !

Glow With Jasmine !

The above tips are quick and easy to maintain every day. Remember to follow it like a regular routine for the best results.


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