Fall In Love With Your Hair, This Navratri !

And, let other fall in love too ! Let them go green with envy ! Let yourself be the talk of town ! 
The centre of attraction ! 
And, all those things which will make you feel like a queen !

Jokes apart, having a shiny, glowing hair is a must during all festivals. After all, you need to look the 
Or else, when you will ??Hours of dance, food and pollution robs off the natural shine from your hair. 
Regular pampering of your beautiful tresses is quite essential for you to look the best. 

Here are few quick and natural tips to get that much needed beautiful hair this Navratri !

the much needed essentials for strong, beautiful hair

- Apply Soulflower Lavender Rosemary Healthy Hair Aroma Massage Oil on your scalp. 
Mildly heat up before application. Best to apply in the night.

- Take a good shower with Soulflower Let Your Hair Down Shampoo Bar in the morning. 
Work up the lather and massage well on your scalp.

- Alternately apply Argan or Avocado for moisturizing your scalp. You can use Argan after 
your morning shower.  As for Avocado, you can apply it in the night.

10-15 drops should work well

regular moisturizing your hair is quite necessary to get healthy, shiny hair


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