Are Your Ready, This Navratri ??

The festive season is on and in full swing. Not much time is left and people all around the country are gearing up for the very next happening i.e., Navratri. 10 days of sheer joy it is ! Celebrations, food, wardrobe full of new clothes, get-togethers, dance … yeah DANCE ! Quite an important part of Navratri. We all know, how fun it is dancing all the way, throughout the night for 10 whole days along with your friends and familiars.

the best products for you to get a stronger pair of feet

So, here are few quick tips for how to keep your feet stronger so that you can keep doing a jiggy.

-        Soak your feet in a tub of warm water filled with Soulflower Lavender Aroma Bath Salt. 2 capfuls would be enough. Keep your feet in for as long as you want, till the water stays warm.

-        Before going to sleep, massage your feet with a blend made from 3-4 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil and Geranium Essential Oil. Mix the blend with 8-10 drops of Avocado Carrier Oil as essential oils shouldn’t be applied neat.

The process should be carried on in the night, actually, every night. You can start applying from now to get a stronger and shinier pair of feet.

the soothing and calming lavender for your feet

3-4 drops of Geranium & Rosemary to 8-10 drops of Jojoba Carrier Oil will do the trick

Rosehip improves blood circulation.

And, in the morning, go for a nice foot massage with 8-10 drops of Soulflower Rosehip Carrier Oil. This oil improves blood circulation and helps you get a stronger pair of feet. 


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