Monsoon care for a Happy Happy Feet !

Monsoon arrives with a wide range of issues.

First and foremost .. just like I mentioned few days back about achhhooooing all the way ! Cold and Cough ! Common Problem ! Fever ! Skin problems ! Hair problems ! And what not ??

But, do you also know that along with all these, our pretty little feet gets the most affected due to monsoon ? And why not ? Our feet comes in contact with the dirty water from the puddles formed during this time. It's downright unhygienic !

So, as always, Soulflower has something to offer for you to get a happier feet ! Although, these products were always available. But, just availability is not enough. The important thing here is how can you use them effectively ???

solution for a Happy Happy Feet

Follow these steps to know :

Soulflower Happy Feet Soap - Specially designed for your feet with the goodness of peppermint, lemon, tea tree and sea salt, this soap is the best solution from Soulflower. Peppermint and lemon cools tired skin and removes bad odour which is so common during monsoon. Tea Tree with it's antiseptic and antibacterial properties helps to fight off germs and bacteria causing skin problems.

How to use it ??

- Best to use it at night while taking shower.

- Rub your foot with the white portion of the soap which acts as a scrub and will remove dead skin cells. Then repeat the same process with other part for perfuming.

- Scrub your foot with a Soulflower Natural Luffa which is handmade and a natural exfoliator.

- Wash your feet with lukewarm water for better results.

scrub with the white portion of the soap first. 

natural luffa scrubs off dead skin cells and gives and leaves your feet glowing

Soulflower Tea Tree Foot Reflexology Aroma Massage Oil - The name suggests everything you need to know. Tea Tree contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties which obviously helps to fight off germs and bacteria causing skin infections. But along with that, it has all the qualities of a massage oil.

How to use it ??

- After finishing with your night shower, dry your feet well. Pour 6-8 drops of this massage oil into your feet and apply with massage like techniques.

- Put on socks after you complete the massage till most of the oil is absorbed into your skin.

Soulflower Tea Tree Foot Reflexology Aroma Massage Oil

rub the oil gently with massage like techniques

Last but not the least, our favourite combination of Soulflower Grapeseed Carrier Oil and Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil - Mix 3-4 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and 8-10 drops of Grapeseed Carrier Oil and apply it on your feet in the morning after shower. The powerful coating of Tea Tree helps to keep infection causing bacteria at bay.


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