Angels Spotted In Soulflower !

Just wish they had wings ! Little four-legged furballs ! Bundles Of Joy !

A thousand adjectives wouldn't suffice to describe their cuteness ! Okay ! Now, let's spill the beans. All of a sudden, one bright, sunny morning .. oops ! dull morning ( monsoon time ! ), we found 4 kittens huddled together in front of our office. Oh ! And their protective mother cats too ! Now, how can you stay still when you are surrounded with so much cuteness around ???? I mean .. who could ?? It's just impossible ! In no time, the news spread around like anything and everyone just dropped their jobs just to come down and get a glimpse of those cuties !

Take a look !

Yeaaaah ! Irresistible ! Aren't they ??


Cuteness at it's best !

Can innocence be better explained ??




Two of them were twins ! You should have seen them together ! The bond they share is no different than human siblings. Fighting, snatching, playing ... just as we do. This shows that living beings, no matter what they are, go through the same kind of emotions ! Just a difference that - we humans can speak while animals cannot. But, even their form of expression is lovable. 

And, if it's not enough for you, there's more !

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Soulflower Loves Animals !


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