The Gift of Glow !

A musky, pungent aroma floats around. I peeped inside our soap manufacturing section to figure out the source of the scent. Suddenly, a blast of yellow powder obscured my view. I coughed ! The grinding noise of mortar pestle and pieces of dried turmeric being milled to form the colourful powder. The earthy whiff of turmeric hits with much force as I proceed further. Silly it might sound, but, just for an early morning joke, with a wide smile I asked .. " Preparing something spicy for lunch ? " And, I was rewarded with another blast of yellow colour and even wider smile from our soap chef.

all that goes into Soulflower Light Me Up Soap

The Gift Of Glow !

a blast of turmeric !

Soulflower kitchen stories !

Spectacles like these are an everyday affair in Soulflower. Our manufacturing unit can be well compared to a delicious looking kitchen with that old world charm, spices and fresh ingredients stacked up in shelves ! Oh ! Did I forget to mention again ?? Allow me to elaborate .. ! All our products, especially our soaps holds a story within it. The use of ingredients, blends which comes together to form any Soulflower soap has been inspired from age old recipes bestowed upon us by our grandmothers and mothers. And, every soap is hand crafted, with distinctive and unique ingredients for each.

Of all, the recipe for Soulflower Light Me Up Soap appealed to me - and, the way Soulflower came up with the whole idea of this soap. Coming back to today's topic - turmeric is one of the main ingredients of Soulflower Light Me Up along with sandalwood. Is this ringing a bell ? Turmeric and sandalwood ! The best of herbs mother nature can offer for your skin. While designing the recipes for our soaps, we had all the needed herbs and ingredients in our list. The best suited for your skin ! But, we wanted to come up with something more interesting, something which your skin would love ! We had all the possible ingredients with us, why not make an intellectual blend out of them ?? If you remember, there was a time when natural skincare was a homemade recipe of various ingredients like lemon, sandalwood, turmeric, almonds etc. etc. Basically, Light Me Up Soap is a beautiful combination of these natural herbs that have been used over the ages for glowing skin.

You don't have to go too far ! The reason turmeric and sandalwood have been used traditionally in Indian weddings explains a lot !

I just stood there for a long time, long enough to examine the beauty of blending turmeric and sandalwood and not to forget, a blast of lemon ! Food For Your Skin ! Truly !

While on it, why don't you get a grab of this delightful soap at ??


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