Brainy stories !

Do you remember the time in your childhood when you finally realize that you are born to be a painter or the exact opposite i.e., a doctor ?? Innumerable stories have been told as well as heard where children have been motored in a career path for which they are complete misfits. Most of the times, people follow the way or take up career choices just seeing the trend. 

But, one thing which we all need to remember is - Everyone is different. Unique in their own way. And, there's a reason behind it. Ask, what ??

Our brains. Confused ?? Let me explain. 

What are you ?? 

You must have heard people talking about being a left-brain or a right-brain thinker ? According to various studies, it has been found out that each side of the brain is responsible for different types of thinking. Like for eg : if you are more into the creative side, then the right hemisphere of your brain is active. Which obviously doesn't mean that your left hemisphere is inactive. It's just that your thought process is controlled mainly by the right side of your brain. 

Now, talking about the left side - this part of your brain or the people who are left-brained are known to be analytical, logical and practical's. It's more figures for them whereas it's completely opposite for the right-brained ones. Dreamy, haphazard, messy, colourful, cloudy-headed - Yes, that's how you can describe a right-brained person. 

How do you plan your to-do-list ?
Soulflower Love Is In The Air Aroma Oil
Soulflower Lavender Aroma Oil

And your travels ??

Now, you must also be wondering about why did we include the bottles of Lavender Aroma Oil and Love Is In The Air Aroma Oil in the middle picture. Just like every other issue, aromas affect our thought process to a great extent. In fact, left-brained people may prefer a definite aroma over another. 

Our recommendation ? The aroma of Lavender for left-brained and Love In The Air for right-brained. 

The aroma of lavender is known to be more stimulating which is why it has been recommended for left-brained as well as preferred by them. Lavender has this soothing and calming fragrance which helps to promote a well-balanced mind. While Love Is In The Air Aroma Oil with it's candy and fruity fragrance helps the right-brained people to carry on with their thoughts.

So, it's time to get up and find out what you are !


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