Easy To Use, Easy To Carry

The first and foremost criteria for preferring any particular product depends on it's quality and how effective it is. But, along with that, it's equally important that the product can be easily used. Simple word which goes with this is : Convenience. How easily can the products be used and also it's mobility i.e., whether you can carry it along in your travels.

Soulflower continuously keeps on upgrading and improving our products. Starting from packaging, use and delivery, we constantly try to make our products user-friendly. All our products are perfect to fit in your bag and come in sturdy packages. They are perfectly sized and can be used easily.

Like for eg. : All our Soulflower Carrier Oils comes with a spray nozzle.

Soulflower Carrier Oils and the spray nozzle

How effective it is ?? 

- Carrier Oils are after all oils which takes time to absorb. Using a spray nozzle attached to the bottles frees your hands from getting sticky.

- You can just spray on your skin or hair, rub it evenly and it's done.

- According to a customer's review " A spray nozzle comes along the bottle and I think it’s a HUGE plus. I have used so many essential oils in past and trust me it’s so difficult to take out oil from these bottle but this “spray nozzle” concept is really convenient. "

- Along with the spray nozzle, it makes the carrier oils easier to be carried in your travels. There's zero chance of oil leaking as the spray nozzles comes with a cap.

- And, you can also use them anywhere without the fear of creating a mess with your other things as oily hands normally do.

And, a little about how to use ??


Open the cap of the bottle. Put in the spray nozzle. Spray it on your skin or hair. Rub or massage evenly. Put on the spray nozzle cap after using it.

That's all. And it's done.

Isn't it good enough ??

attach the spray nozzle on the bottle

spray on your skin or hair

put on the cap after use to prevent leaking


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