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With the whole world jumping on to the ' Go Green ' bandwagon, it's not just about abandoning plastic shopping bags, using natural beauty products or holidaying in eco-friendly locations. There's a lot more to it than we can think of. The whole world should be 'plastic-free'.

But, are we actually taking the necessary steps ? Are we adopting the natural treatment for every aspect ? Take for example, our own living spaces. How many of us are actually embracing the method of thoughtful cleaning ? We just randomly visit a supermarket and while shopping, just randomly pick up some harsh floor cleaner or detergent and we are done. That's it !

Now, tell me a thing. Do you think, that we are really done ??

Our home, the place where we live needs a lot more care and attention than it's given. The one's who know would agree that essential oils are quite versatile and some of them have proven to be excellent keepers of your home.

Ask how ?? 

Throw away all your artificial floor cleaners which can actually damage your floor and

- Make a blend of 3-4 drops of Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil and Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil along with a mild liquid soap.

- Mix them well and pour into a bucket full of warm water.

- Take a clean laundered white cloth or a sponge and dampen with the tea tree and lemon mixture. Clean your floor with the cloth. For stubborn dirt and grime, rub the cloth with little strength.

Benefits ?? Both Tea Tree and Lemon holds antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. Applying them will not only make your floor bacteria-free but also emit a citrusy and minty fragrance. If you have a crawling toddler at your home, then this mix is the best solution for a cleaner floor.

Both Lemon and Tea Tree has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties

Clean your oven

- With a mix of liquid soap, Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil and 1 cup of baking soda.

- Make a paste out of it and apply it on the interior surfaces of your oven. Do not apply it on the heating elements.

- Keep it for 7-10 hours and remember not to turn on your oven for that period.

- Wipe the oven clean with a damp cloth and warm water. Do not turn on oven for at least 2 hours.

Benefits ?? A freshly scented oven free of stale smell.

Lemon has that citrusy scent which helps in giving that refreshing feeling

Wash your clothes with the help of

- 3-4 drops of Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil, Soulflower Orange Essential Oil and Soulflower Lavender Essential along with your washing powder.

- Pour the three of them while you put in the clothes for washing

Benefits ? Tea Tree is anti-bacterial and antiseptic which will help in proper cleaning of your clothes. Lavender Essential Oil will impart a mild soothing scent to your clothes while Orange Essential Oil is totally refreshing. So, you can say goodbye to badly smelling clothes in a natural way.

The combination of Tea Tree, Orange and Lavender 
works wonders for keeping your clothes clean

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