My Victory Over Acne!

I've had Acne since I can really think about me "growing up". The earliest memory I have about it is getting ready for my swimming class, in my bathing suit while an other girl was pointing at my back and screaming: "Girl, what do you have there?!?" That might not be bullying or even something bad, but it was the first time that I realized that my back looked different than other girls. I asked my mum to sew me a covering bathing suit and in the end I didn't go to swimming classes anymore at all. That was when I was about 14 – so almost 10 years back. And let me tell you – everyone who says that "it's just pimples, how difficult can it be to get rid of them?" has no clue what I tried to actually "get rid" of them.
Because indeed, I tried hard. Of course starting with creams, more creams, even more creams, some make it worse, others a tiny bit better, or most of the time have no effect at all. I have tried, and have used to this day, healing earth masks to at least for a few minutes, get rid of my shiny, oily skin (and the disgusting feeling that comes with it.) I personally can recommend tea tree oil(nature's best kept anti-acne secret) with a light oil like grapeseed oil or argan oil(gets easily absorbed by the skin without leaving the skin oily...aaah good news for oily skinned beauties!!!!!!) , it calms down irritations and makes you feel better. I talked with a lot of friends about acne, and there are indeed creams that help, variating from people to people. Personally, my mum discovered that the oils that I tried to get rid of acne worked! I got rid of acne pretty soon like within 2 weeks!!!!
Then comes the nutrition part. You simply can not imagine how often I've heard the words "don't eat too many mangoes in summer, they give you even more Acne." It's burnt in my head until today. No sweets!! No MANGOES!!!! seriously this is summer and mango is my favourite fruit!. (Does not work too well at the moment though.) No fat. It gives you pimples too. All of a sudden, everything gives you pimples. Personal conclusion: Don't count on food to get rid of all your pimples, rather eat healthily for every aspect of your life. That's worth it too, you know. (Something I still have to learn....*pointing at the pizzas, cookies, and coke. in my fridge :P) And then again i have faith on oils! And trust them ;).


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