Get Summer Blossomed

Hello dear cherry blossomed friends....hope all of you are having a great time. I know summers suck! But then cheer up! There are natural treatments that will leave you all blossomed until the end of the day.

I made a delicious honey skin massage with a mixture of :

2 tbsp of honey
1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar 
    2 drops of Soulflower lavender essential oil 

...and voila!
I didn't only get rid of dead skin but gained a soft, clean, fragrant and clear skin.

A chirp from a friend of mine....she tried green tea body scrub and trust me..her skin was soo improved, it even had an improvement in skin tone. 
What her big secret was...

    1 green tea bag
    1 tbsp olive oil
    4 drops of geranium essential oil.
 Massage this green tea scrub all over the skin for 5-10 mins.
I would suggest that rubbing the mixture on the dry, rough parts like the knees and elbows will soften and smooth them and the aroma will make you feel like a princess. :)
Guess what, this soap called soulflower milk cocobar soap is sooo amazing, i swear i myself felt like a blossomed cherry!!!

Will come up with more chirps in time....
until then....


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