Dry skin

Summer fashions for beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen expose more skin than during the cooler months. So make sure your skin looks healthy, not dry and flaky.
  • What causes it? Sun exposure, tanning, dehydration and repeated dips in the pool can leave your skin dry and flaky.
  • What prevents it? Exfoliating and moisturising regularly can help keep skin in tip-top condition. Be careful when selecting an exfoliating product—it's easy to go overboard and treat the skin too roughly.
  • What eliminates it? Combat the flakes with gentle bath salts like Soulflower Jasmine bath salt which has the goodness of jasmine oil which keeps skin hydrated and moisturised; once or twice a week. Stay away from products containing ground up nut shells, which can damage skin with their jagged edges. After exfoliating, always apply a moisturizer that won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. Use light oils like Soulflower Argan oil or Soulflower Grapeseed oil which absorbs onto skin very easily without leaving the skin look oily and yes....doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts!!!! (pssssst.....could be used even during the day time!!!!!!)
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