A Spa at Home Experience

I have been meaning to go spend a day at a Spa,pampering myself. But I never seem to get the time to make an appointment & get there!
A visit to spa is a great way to relax, revive, and pamper your skin — but it can be expensive & time consuming. 
So I decided to recreate my own Spa at home, this sunday.
With Soulflower products, it’s easy to recreate those fancy treatments and a soothing atmosphere in your own home. All you need a few essential oils, the right products for your skin type, and a little peace and quiet.
Give these home spa ideas a try

Set the Mood With Aromatherapy
AROMATHERAPY is the use of essential plant oils to boost your physical and psychological well-being. To create a beautiful scent in a room, light an aroma diffuser with a few drops of LEMONGRASS essential oil.

Choose the Right Essential Oil – and Put on Some Music
LAVENDER is a good essential oil to try first, It’s so relaxing and it’s suitable to most skin types.
Use a neutral, light carrier oil like AVOCADO as a base. Now it’s time to pick the right soothing music. Soulflower recommends giving a simple instrumental a try.

Start With a Facial
Saturate a small towel with warm water and place the towel gently on your face.
Afterward, cleanse with a 100% veg soap. LIGHT ME UP makes a soothing and gentle scrub.
Apply a small amount of GRAPESEED carrier oil afterwards,which acts like a simple astringent & will tighten the pores.You might want to take advantage of ROSEMARY’s natural astringent qualities by adding a few drops in some warm water that you allow to cool, and applying that after your facial.
Baby Your Body
Scrub-a-dub. Mix a few drops of LAVENDER essential oil with your AVOCADO carrier oil and add it to your bath. Or turn again to LIGHT ME UP.
Foot therapy. Soak your feet in a basin of water to which you’ve added 2 to 4 tablespoons of OCEAN BLUE bathsalts.

Now, relax. If you’re not already in the mood, just consider how much time and money you’ve saved by opting for the do-it-yourself route.


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