Best Diffuser Blends For This Season !

Every season has it's own feel, emotions and yeah .. for us .. it all comes down to aroma. With every occasion, the preferred aroma changes. This, is the occasion of ' LOVE '. Yeah. A lovely amalgamation of the month February and the season Spring.

Here are few diffuser blends for this season. We will come up with many more. Till then, take a look at these and yeah .. enjoy a lovely February. Love and stay loved.

Btw, you should also know the proper use of how use ceramic diffusers with various blends.

So, this is how :

- Pour water on the dented portion of the diffuser i.e., on the top followed by 2 drops of any essential oil as mentioned below. If it's more than one essential oil then 2 drops each would suffice.

- Light a candle beneath in the space below. Let the aroma spread.

warm and spicy blend of Orange and Cinnamon. 2 drops each.

fruity and refreshing blend of Rosemary and Orange. Again. 2 drops each

warm and refreshing blend of Orange, Cinnamon and Lemon. Just 2 drops each.


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