Simple, Effective DIY Skincare Recipes

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With less time and heavy, rigorous schedule, it becomes difficult for any and everyone to pamper themselves with utmost care. The, what's the solution ? Run to your nearest departmental store and grab all the big no-no beauty products for yourself. Yeaaah .. ! Easy solution ! But, is it really effective ? Even you know .. that wasting bucks on chemical and artificial skincare stuff wouldn't help you get that perfect skin or hair you are craving for. At Soulflower, we have been continuously developing and re-inventing new products to suit your style. Did you also know that we also provide simple DIY recipes which you can easily try out home ? If not, then take a look !

DIY Face Scrub : 

- What you need is a big bowl of crushed strawberries which helps to exfoliate and make your skin soft.
- 3 tbsps of sugar and honey well blended and
- 20-25 drops of Soulflower Olive Carrier Oil to give you that smooth, glowing problem free skin.

Mix them well and keep it stored in an air-tight jar. Apply on your face thrice a week to get super soft skin.

DIY Skin Scrub :

- Blend a generous amount of Avocado Carrier Oil ( as per your need ) along with 5-6 drops of Lemon Essential Oil.

- Take a small bowl of whole sugar or powdered will be better. Mix all three well and apply on your whole body at least an hour before taking bath.

- Lukewarm water bath is more preferable to wash off. 

Sugar present in this scrub helps to remove dead skin cells while the blend of Avocado and Lemon tones your skin giving it a shinier and healthier look.


DIY Coffee Almond Body Scrub :

- Ground coffee granules and mashed almonds ! Imagine the combination of both, the feel of two on your skin. The aroma of coffee is enough to get you rejuvenated ! Okay .. so, let's get back to the recipe.

- Blend both them well and add 1 small bowl of honey and 15-20 drops of Grapeseed Carrier Oil.

The combination of all four will not only help your skin exfoliate but, also take care of skin problems as Grapeseed is antiseptic in nature. Along with this, your skin will feel smooth as well as glow like never before.


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