Pre Diwali Skincare Routine(PART 1)

Diwali is going to be here soon, and while you spruce up your home and shop till you drop in these hectic days, do spend some time on yourself too. 
Skin care is important this season firstly because you must look your best during the festivities and it can only be possible with smooth, glowing skin.  
Also, Diwali brings with it a change in the weather which can cause tight, red or itchy skin. 
Lastly, the fervor of Diwali also brings with it a lot of dirt and pollution which can cause tremendous damage to your skin at a time when you least need it.
Cleansing and Moisturizing:
  1. Cleanse your face soon after getting up with a gentle cleansing soap like Baby Your Skin or Lavender Soap. Our skin must be cleansed after a long sleep to get rid of oiliness, bacteria and left over dust/makeup etc. If you are suffering from dry and tight skin, you should your a cocoa butter based soap like Milk cocobar.
  2.  Wash your face 3 times with a gentle cleanser soap per day; morning, evening and night (Before going to bed) followed by a moisturizer like any suitable carrier oil like Grapeseed(oily skin) or evening primrose(for wrinkles) or jojoba(dry skin). Moisturizing your face with a carrier oil before going to sleep is essential to make your skin baby soft before the festival. 

  3. This cleansing and moisturizing routine few days before Diwali helps your skin to stay clear without any unwanted pimple breakouts those bring us headache during festive seasons! 


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