Shopping at sales on a Sunday

So obviously when you see a 50% off announcement on your favorite brand you hearts skips a beat and goes BOOM BOOM BOOM :)

I've never been to the Vera Moda Store at Linking road and sunday seemed so appropriate to dispense my weekend energy and max out the husband's credit cards.
3pm in the afternoon on a sleepy rainy sunday and I have a completely empty 50% off @ storey store to indulge in. OR SO I THOUGHT.

Making our way through the triple parked cars, I finally entered the magical world of discount.
Women grabbing clothes everywhere,while husbands and boyfriends linger behind....

1/2 way through and I'm completely beat...who knew shopping could be so ardous.I pull out my Soulflower ENERGY BOOST aromatherapy roll on.

Perfect for these quick  refills,when you need energy to keep going and give your spirits a lift, this blend containing peppermint, rosemary, lemon and grapefruit stimulates circulation, motivates and energizes. These warming oils help oxygenate the blood and promote blood flow, which in turn energizes the body. This blend is about getting the fire started. Energy boost helps you initiate, act and deliver.
Peppermint increases alertness and energy.
Rosemary is a powerful energy stimulant and keeps you focused and alert.
Lemon is known as liquid sunshine, gives clarity of thought and energy.
Grapefruit has a sharp refreshing aroma and perfect for lack of energy and muscle fatigue.

A few sniffs later, I'm back jostling for my favourite top.....

Whats cool was that all the clothes had been separated into sections based on size, so you don't waste time selecting a dress only to find out that its not available in your size.

A lot of energy dissipation later, I walk out with 1 yellow jumpsuit :)

A sunday well spend some would say.....OR NOT.

and before I forget...a sneak peek of what I bought...


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