Skin Deep saturday night Cafe Zoe

The week had hardly began when I started plotting a visit to Cafe Zoe.
A few bbs later the scene was set for saturday night. Its cool how we can set up a whole party plan with our friends without even a single phone call :)

Rishi was just back from Goa(yes...always the party boy!!!) and looked positively happy and tanned at least 5 shades darker. Almost like a well done omlette.
You know I've been noticing guys today are much more tuned into skincare and health regimes than ever before......gone are the days when you had to nag your boyfriend to trim his toenails....hes probably visiting a spa more often than you.....

So back to Rishi and his (wish you looked cool with it but you don't) tan.

At Zoe, my mind is always on food. I just love their fresh cooked pastas and freshly baked muffins....
So FOOD....nonoo TAN....

lets do both..... What about foods that help you to remove that unsightly tan and restore you skin to its super fresh glowly self.
 Looking around the table at Zoe, I spotted the classic D.I.Y skin cleansers and lighteners and heres a tip on how you can use them.

 - A little bit of turmeric powder mixed with some rose water can work wonders for the skin giving it baby-like softness.

- Gram flour and turmeric powder have antimicrobial properties that reduce skin inflammations, clear acne and reduce sunburn.

- Orange peel acts as an astringent and skin-toning agent, clearing acne, age spots and skin blemishes.

- Lemon juice is acidic with exfoliating properties helps to peel away the skin's top layer, there by removing existing pigmentation or dark spots. Lemon juice can be mixed with a little bit of sugar, which is an excellent cleansing agent.

- Peppermint, basil and neem leaves have cooling properties that reduce skin inflammation, insect bites, skin burn and rashes. You can also mix in a little honey. It contains antioxidants and antibacterial agents that help reduce skin irritation.

- Tomatoes are the best to lighten your skin and remove tan.Lycopene, the carotenoid found in tomato, with its antioxidant properties is used in many anti-ageing treatments.

You can choose to us Soulflower Light Me Up soap, which contains all the  ingredients above, and more....Light Me Up 

I even came up with a foody concoction for Rishi to work with.

The perfect recipe
- Grind four almonds, soaked in water overnight
- Mix one tablespoon gram flour and two tablespoons of raw milk or milk cream to this
- Add five-six drops of lemon juice and honey
- Apply this paste to your face and neck, avoiding the eyes and allow it to dry
- Wash with cold water after about 25-30 minutes
- Do this twice a week and see the change in your skin tone and texture

and last.....the food from Zoe 


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