Happy Feet is designed for cracked, chapped, dry, peeling or generally unhappy feet. If you've been walking long distances or simply have tired, battered feet from a long day's work, get some comfort by soaking your feet in hot water & then thoroughly wash them with Happy Feet or use as usual in a shower. Hot water opens the pores so that this soap can get to work immediately!.

This quick pick-me-up for your feet is also said to promote healthy sleep, owing to its relaxing action on the foot nerves. How amazing is that? crushed turmeric reduces inflammation freshly squeezed lemons.

sea salt hydrates & exfoliates rough skin on the feet, soothes itching, reduce inflammation, aches and pains, increases circulation & speeds healing of wounds.

crushed mint leaves are loaded with essential oils, for the added zing of peppermint!.


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