Can you have baby soft skin? We combine natural skin foods like papayas, cucumbers along with yogurt to make a solid facial cleansing bar, that will give you the soft, smooth,silky skin that you could only dream about. Skin impurities are drawn out, pores tightened, skin inflamations cooled down. Removes makeup, dirt & oil without any chemical additives. Use for all facial skin types twice daily, in the morning & before bedtime.

Papaya(Carica papaya)

1. Contains papain, a natural enzyme that promotes skin renewal & cell turnover.

2. Cleanses the skin of impurities that could be causing it to darken.

3. Exfoliates skin to reveal newer cells & has restorative properties that soften the skin.

4. Rich in vitamins A, E & C, & other anti-oxidants that help in giving skin the moisture & protection it needs.

5. The nutrients contained in the papaya fruit helps in the skin's healing as well.

Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus)

1. Has a wonderful cooling & soothing effect, great for hot tropical climates.

2. Known for its astringent properties, clears acne & blemishes, brightening your face.

3. Has anti-inflammatory actions & skin tightening properties.

4. Hydrating & nourishing, it binds the collagen & ensures that the skin is firm as well as being supple.


1.The natural probiotic properties of yogurt work on the cells of the skin to rejuvenate & peel away years of sun damage & other damage to the skin.

2. Yogurt opens the pores, which lessens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne & sun damage.

3. Unlike harsh chemical cleansers & prescription medications for acne, yogurt has very few side effects & leaves the skin feeling much smoother & more appealing to the eye after a breakout of acne.

4. Yogurt truly can help you defy age. Yogurt penetrates the skin to add elasticity to the cells of the skin. White Kaolin clay benefits include being it being very mild, improving blood circulation to the skin, exfoliating & cleansing. Detoxifies without drying the skin, Its gentleness makes it a great additive in products for dry or sensitive skin.

Contains : Fresh papayas & cucumber, thai white clay, yogurt, glycerin, aqua, olive, rice bran, coconut, castor & palm oil


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