It's The Festival Of Colors ! Make Your Skin & Hair Smile !

Coz it's not only that you love to play, but, your skin and hair too. We all know, how those beautiful looking yet harmful colours contain chemicals - not so good for your skin. Okay. Actually .. rightly put .. it's not at all good for your skin. But, how many of us care ? The one's aware go through a proper pre-holi skin and haircare routine on the day. It doesn't involve much .. but, we are lazy. And, some of us ignores the fact that holi colours can actually damage your skin as well as hair. Just a proper hair wash or a bath doesn't suffice after long hours of playing with such artificial and harmful colours.

At Soulflower, we always suggest as well as advice our customers to avoid artificial moisturizers, soaps with chemical hardeners or not so 100% pure oils. All our products are made from fresh and natural ingredients which are skin friendly. Which means, they are free from side-effects. In short, they are in their purest form from the time of making.

This Festival of Colours, Be Natural ! Be Soulflower !

Here are few skin and hair care tips for this festival of colours :

Skin care :

- Apply a generous amount of Castor Carrier Oil blended with a bit of Olive and Mustard Carrier Oil on your skin at least half an hour before you start playing.

- This will keep your skin moisturized while protecting it from harmful colours to directly seep into.

- Also, it becomes easier for the colours to come off while taking bath.

Hair care :

- Generous amount of Castor plus Coconut Oil with a wee bit say 3-4 drops of Lemon Essential Oil on your hair half an hour before going to play.

- In the same way just like your skin, your hair will stay protected as well as the colours will come off easily while washing.

- Also, the colours will not damage your hair.

pre-holi hair care

pre-holi skin care


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