Are You Ready To Take The Heat ?

It's all summery around. Can you smell it ? Balmy evenings, super hot afternoons and newly cropped up juice stalls everywhere. Well, at least I can see it. The feel of fresh lime juice on an unbearable summer day is almost incomparable. The thing is that, we come up with n number of solutions to protect ourselves from the summer heat. True, it can't be endured. But, isn't the situation similar with all the other seasons ? Extreme winters and horrible monsoon. Yeah. Who wants that ? The good part of summer is that .. it allows you to experiment. Ask why ? Clothes ! You can freely go out in your hot pants and noodle straps or just a free flying poncho or anything light. Shoes. Just put on anything ! Slippers, peep-toes or anything you like. The bad part ? Make-up. Yeah. You'll just sweat out everything. But, what's the need ? Isn't natural the way to go ? Step out this summer all carefree. Without a touch of anything which can tarnish your natural self.

As always, we have some suggestions for you. And good ones obviously. The old and all time essential is - Water. Yeah. Have loads of it. Fruit juice. Quite essential. Sunscreen. Must have.
This way, you'll be all cooled down this summer and ready to take the heat. While on it, let's share some of the Summer Must Haves from our collection.

Some of the most common issues this season are sun damage, excessive sweating and body odour. So what can you .. or we help you to combat it ?

don't just smell, but SPARKLE !

Summer essentials for your skin

- If you're a fitness freak, then you really need to smell good all the time and especially after workout. Take a refreshing bath with Charcoal You Smell Good Soap or Orange Carrot Detox Soap. Alternately use both. Activated charcoal goes deep to take out body toxins and dirt. Also peppermint present in the soap refreshes your skin from within.

Orange Carrot Detox Soap with a dash of orange, carrot and ginger detoxes you inside out. The rich lather rinses completely leaving no residue, while orange peel powder deep cleanses to remove dirt, bacteria and oil & exfoliates dead skin cells for blemish free clear skin. And also, leave you smelling awesome.

You can also take a refreshing shower with 4-5 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil in your bath water. It has antibacterial properties which will obviously cleanse your body from within while the citrusy aroma of this herb will prevent body odour.

- Under the scorching sun, our skin really needs care and protection. Juicy Red Tomato Soap with fresh juicy tomatoes helps to fade sun damage, scars, blemishes or any such skin spots. Tomatoes are acidic in nature and therefore works perfect to clear your skin.

Along with that, apply Light Me Up which contains lemon, sandalwood and turmeric and works like a natural skin scrub to brighten your complexion.

- Excessive sweating also causes acne and pimples as the dirt gets accumulated in your skin if not washed off properly. Baby Your Skin helps to clear out all impurities from your skin and give that much needed glow.

Also, wait for our next post. We'll come back with more tips on summer.


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