Monday Blues

Blue Monday” apparently a time where everyone has one problem or another. Now, we think the best way to combat Blue Monday is to spoil yourself tonight, and I have hand-picked a selection of SOULFLOWER products that will have you feeling blissfully uplifted.

First up, have a bath! Baths are good for the soul, time for relaxing, and happy contemplation – a time to just slow down and relax. A bath is a wonderful time for a total skin cleanse, and detox by bath salts – pores are more receptive to letting out any impurities in the skin, and accepting of the lovely ingredients that bath salts carry. Today I am recommending SOULFLOWER Ocean blue bath salt
which is a wonderful bath salt for cleaning out the skin, chemical exfoliation and radiance-boosting. Simply dissolve a cup full of ocean blue bath salt to your bath, let it dissolve and let the hot bath do the rest of the work – ideally indulge on for around 15 minutes, longer if you have the time.

Once out of the bath, treat yourself to our best, most exclusive SOULFLOWER Lavender Essential Oil 
– the perfect blend* of efficacy and luxury. Warm a few drops between the hand, then massage in a leisurely fashion all over your now baby-soft visage: the oil will sink in almost immediately, leaving just the right amount of slip for you to massage it in. The oil is not greasy in the slightest feeling , it leaves a softened, supple feel to the skin and a beautifully uplifting tropical fragrance.

Quick tip blend*
Here’s the trick: After a bath apply few drops of lavender essential oil with few drops of grapeseed oil and then wet a flannel with hot water, wring it out almost completely and place over the entire face. This actually has the effect of boosting penetration into skin without effecting the integrity of the active ingredients. Leave on for another few minutes, until dry again, then either use your hands, or a hot flannel to wipe off the oil mask.

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