Can I wear socks and sandals style and look chic?

Yes you can.

Socks and sandals style…
once a fashion faux-pas; now a fashion trend.
But a trend that
 must be executed right.
So how do you pull off socks and sandals style?
With good fashion style.

First choose a socks and sandals style that suits your personal look + style.
If your look is Classic and Contemporary, keep your socks and sandals style classic and contemporary with a mono chromatic statement.

And if your look is more casual and relaxed then go with a heavier, textured sock for that laid-back sporty feel

Second your socks and sandals style must suit your body shape, leg shape and be age appropriate.
Shorter, ankle-style socks look best on taller, slender figures with thinner legs. It’s a young women’s look and will give a sweet ‘girly’ feel to any outfit. 

Longer, thinner socks, bunched loosely at the ankle will create the illusion of a longer leg and thinner ankle; visually balancing a thicker leg.

Keeping your socks similar in colour to your sandals will create a more elegant leg line, a look often more suitable for mature fashionistas but lovely on the younger ladies too.

Third choose the right socks for the right sandals.

Quirky + Fun – wrong

Quirky + Fun – right

Wedges – wrong

Wedges – right

Feminine – wrong

Feminine – right

Casual – wrong
Casual – right

So can you wear socks and sandals style and look chic?
Yes you can but you have to always do it with…


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