I did it....so can you ........

I am sharing the secret to do the impossible.....
achieve what you only dream about and deep down in your heart are riddled with self doubt, that you can.
21km+sweat and blood= 2hrs 45mins, 10mins better than last years timing

For the people who been following SoulflowerGirl, you know about the biggest event in my life in january.... The Standard Chartered half marathon.
To begin with, I was'nt really sure that I would participate.
of course I had registered on the very first day & had been getting up at 5:20am 3 times a week to train.
But august onwards with my brain haemmorage and 3 months no running,participation seemed bleak.
 I started training post diwali but the fear was always in me....what if I ran too hard and pushed myself...how would my health react....
So I decided to pull a fast one on myself.
Girl you are kidding yourself if you gonna use these trivial excuses to give up!

Surprising as it sounds, yesterday while running the 21k, every body part gave up....my legs, my calves,my breath.......but not my MIND.....

Never did the thought even cross my mind that I have an achilles heel in my head......frankly I would say that it was my strongest asset.

Crossing 13km, came my favourite part....the self curses.....
While running, who do you blame but yourself....hehehhe
Here you are running on broken mumbai roads on a brilliant sunday, up since 4am, when you could be snuggled with your cat in your warm cozy bed.......LOL
Never again next time....never never....thats what I always promise myself around 16k.
But arent promises meant to be broken?

So I realised the best part of running a marathon is that you are only competing with yourself. 1000s of runners may sail past you, and you may leave a few 1000s trailing behind you....but your race is only with the BEST.....yourself.

You invariably become a beacon of hope and inspiration to someone to do their best....at haji ali, when I slowed down to a point of stopping, a female runner came up to me and said...hey don't stop....you been motivating me since the start of the race....I have been following your yellow t shirt since bandra......
she motivated me as much as I unconsciously egged her on.....

So to end my almost marathon lenght of a blogpost,
we set mental boundraies for ourself....and its only us who can break free from them.

I hope to inspire you to do whatever your heart desires, its only MIND over BODY as I always say.


  1. awesome...I can totally feel each word which you have written... I went to mumbai from delhi to run ..I just run to complete and to fight with myself..my timing was 2.49hrs

  2. super Afroz!
    Its so great you have the drive....keep it up


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