Oily skin over Pizzas & Iced Tea

Me and my girl friends met up for lunch the other day. It was super hot and amidst salads and ice tea the conversation veered towards summer and the common skin problem of oiliness.

Keeping unnecessary oils at bay and your pores unclogged calls for a game plan.
Why do we have oily skin? Well, there can be quite a few culprits: genes, climate, hormones, eating habits, products and even dryness of  skin (That may sound contradictory, but it may cause our skin to produce even more oils than what we started with)
Now before you start getting depressed and cursing god for giving you oily skin, there are advantages which come along with this skin type. It causes your face to age less than those who have normal to dry skin; you are less probable to get those worrisome fine lines and wrinkles in comparison to other skin types.

Cut to main course...... pasta and pizzas ....the thin crust cheese pizza is delicious.

So how do we take care of our oily skin?

Well, the key lies in the soap you use. Oily skin calls regular cleansing or it can lead to problems like acne. But constant washing with regular soaps are harsh on the skin. Avoid soaps which use sodium tallowate (a cheap animal fat), artificial hardeners and preservatives. Well, you’ll be surprised by the fact that nearly all your commercial soaps contain these.

So how do we choose a soap thats sensitive to our skin ?

Look for a mild exfoliating soap, containing gentle natural ingredients, such as oatmeal, sea salt, clays which are gentle on the skin and help to remove excess oil and scrub away dead skin cells.
Soulflower has a specially formulated soap for oily skin with essential oils of peppermint,tea tree,lemongrass & peppermint to soak up excessive oil without drying out your skin.
Try out this soap at www.soulflower.biz
Other than that try and avoid direct sun light and take care of your diet. Try and avoid oily and fatty food. Hmmmmmm....I'll start that tomorrow...after my pizza hahhahah
Well, If you keep these in mind you won’t ever have to worry about your oily skin type again.

And its time for desserts :)


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