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SOULFLOWER: Harmony of Nature and Spirit

Redefining demonstration

SOULFLOWER Spa products are not typical shelf products. Customers need to see them and try them in order to buy them—"People like to learn about new products,"so our staff needs to draw customers through impressive demonstration.We want to show customers results, educate them about what the product can do for them, and gain their trust as an expert who knows everything about the products and what they can do."

Because the right demonstration is so vital to the success of the product, SOULFLOWER has an in-house team of professional trainers who travel from location to location to teach owner/operators the most effective way to educate customers about the products and execute a powerful demonstration that sells.

"One of the things we try to train our staff to do is to understand their work may not be a purchase today, but if it's a fabulous experience, word of mouth is much more powerful than a big sale. Customer service is what gives you great customers”.
In other words, they'll come back. 


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