This EOSS, it's Happiness In A Spoon

Firstly, let me remind you all again. It's EOSS and up to 50%OFF on Soulflower merchandise at Shoppers Stop. Visit any store nearest to your place and GET ! SET ! SHOP !

Now, let's begin !

When the whole world is suddenly aware and jumping on the ‘Go Green‘ bandwagon, how could we remain behind ? Right from the initiation, it has been our mission to be 100% natural and organic. And that comes out quite obvious from our range of merchandise – handmade soaps, pure essential oils, cold pressed carrier oils, aromatherapy bath salts, roll on, aroma massage oils and so on. Sounds like straight from grandma’s kitchen .. isn’t it ? Coming back to where we started from .. if you remember, it’s that time of the year again. If you can’t, then let’s make it a bit easier .. it’s EOSS (End Of Season Sale) at Shoppers Stop. Just like we came up with the brightest idea of engaging your tiny tots with Cootie Catchers last year, this time .. it’s even more interesting.

Combining a bunch of ideas into one, you’ll be greeted with the lovely concept of
‘ Happiness In A Spoon ‘. The reason for saying that it’s a bunch is because that simple wooden spoon conveys more than just one story and is already touching lives. Rush to any nearest Shoppers Stop and you’ll come to know. Planted in a beautiful box, cute faces of dog and cat will give you a warm welcome. And guess what ? We’ve named them too. Bow-ow and Meooww Props. Now who doesn’t love taking selfies ? Scan every corner in your city, you’ll find craziest groups with the weirdest poses for the perfect selfie. People take time, take out time and invest time behind thousands of them. So, why not make it a bit more quirky ? And, we being a pet loving brand deemed that the best possible way to express ourselves to our customers and vice versa. Believe us .. we’ve already started receiving n no. of photographs in our WhatsApp. 

Our Bow-ow & Meoow Prop garden.

Take a selfie with your very own prop and message it on our WhatsApp 080 80 35 6666.
Lucky winners will get exciting Souflower goodies.

That’s not all. That’s not where our story ends. It’s just the beginning. As an aromatherapy brand, promoting fresh and natural products we want ourselves to be surrounded more and more by green. There’s a certain peace in being able to imagine yourself amongst lush green pastures and fresh air breezing past. Difficult it is to find such a surrounding. We drive long hours and spend huge bucks to be or visit such kind of a place. But, wouldn’t it be easier and more sensible to build such a thing here ? Giving it a lot of thought, we were struck with this immensely beautiful idea of going green. Now, how does this connect to the spoon ? Well, so that our cute props goes beyond the concept of just cuteness and stays etched in your memory for long – we put in small packets of marigold seeds on the spoon for you to plant. When the message spreads and more and more people take up the initiative to plant a flower and go green, our world will be a much better place to live in. It’s just what takes to build something. Initiative and the mass to follow it.

When we can put in so much of our time and energy on ourselves, why can’t we do the same for our Mother Earth ? The spoon is a two way messenger. Create happiness for you as well as others.

So, folks .. we need you. Come, join us and help us to spread happiness and make this world beautiful.

pull off the sticker as shown in the pic above and you'll find a pack of marigold seeds

plant them and grow .. photographs are more than welcome ! you already know the number.

and VOILA ! 


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