Dear Summer, Take a Chill Pill Now !

the perfect colours for summer

Looks like, summer is in no mood to depart so soon. All around the streets, you can see people in pools of sweat. Our very dear sun is almost sipping away all energy, leaving us all drained out and tired. But, it's just a matter of time before monsoon hits the city.

Be patient people ! Good times are gonna come sooooon !

Till that time, why don't we make peace with this season ? Coz, it isn't that bad either.
And why is that ? You can sip n number of lemonades. Take a tour of your favourite hill stations. Flash your lovely glares. And yeah .. time to put on all natural organic cotton.

While on the go .. let me share some summery gyaan with you.

- Sip lemonade ( yeah .. it's a repeat line, but, just to make sure you follow it )

- Make sure to wear colours which are soothing to the eye ( lighter ones of blue, pink, green and yellow )

- Wash your face at least thrice a day and don't let sweat settle on your skin. Best, if you use Baby Your Skin Soap to clean. Let me tell you .. we keep on getting amazing reviews on this soap. Not showing off, but yeah .. it's really a grab ! Here's a pic to make you happy.

the best natural face cleanser with skin foods like papaya, cucumber and yogurt

- Have an ice-cream. Everyday. Oh, c'mon now .. you won't get fat. Just exercise and smell good with L For Lemongrass Soap. The citrusy fresh aroma of this organic soap will keep you feeling refreshed all day.

- And the all time cliché .. have loads and loads of fresh juicy fruits ( the summer ones ) like watermelon, grapes, pineapples, plums etc.

L For Lemongrass Soap - a superb cooling companion for every summer ( not just this )

Now, that we managed to ready you up a bit, the rest of this summer should be peaceful for you.
Till next time. Have a lovely summer. Ciao.


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