Anti-cellulite Aroma Body Massage Oil

Anti-cellulite Aroma Body Massage Oil

This blend of diuretic essential oils stimulates the flow of blood & lymph, improves circulation,reducing puffiness, swelling & water retention.

Usage: Massage using vigorous circular motions, always massaging upward, toward your heart.This will aid circulation, while helping drain toxins into the lymph glands. Most effective while lying down with your legs up, or propped against a wall. The rich blend of jojoba, olive & rice bran oil stimulate blood circulation & improve the circulatory & toxic removal system of the body, while sesame oil is excellent for body ache. Vitamin E easily permeates into the skin leaving it radiant & healthy from the inside.

Ingredients: Grapefruit, benzoin, lemon & juniper essential oils, Vitamin E, Jojoba, olive, rice bran & sesame oils.


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